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$600 Daily Minimum (up to two people) - $300/person after the first two people.

Deluxe Camping Trips

If you’re looking for an amazing adventure in one of Oregon’s wild and scenic wildernesses this vacation is for you. The deluxe camp features an all-inclusive camp with the gear to make a relaxing trip into the backcountry. Along with a 14x16ft wall tent for preparing food (accompanied with a camp cook), your own personal dome tent will be provided. Your wrangler will tell you about the adventures you can go on including short rides, hikes, or longer rides to a lake or mountain peak to look across God's creation. The brook trout are plentiful if fishing is your thing or you might want to just relax and visit. All deluxe trips are tent style. Included in the camp will be plenty of chairs to relax in, cots to sleep on, and snacks to enjoy a full tummy in the back country. No alcohol will be provided but can be brought and packed in.
You furnish only your personal gear including clothing, sleeping bags, foam pad or air mattress and fishing gear.
It takes approximately 4 hours to get to camp which is nestled in an alpine meadow with a rippling brook flowing through it.

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